After fierce battles between gods, two different worlds joined to become a new one. Celica was born there and to protect innocents, he battles against monsters as a paladin of Barouhart, god of storms.
With a clear sense of justice and great skill with the blade, some call him a Hero. However after he meets a wandering seeker of knowledge and is tasked with purifying an ancient evil artifact, he begins to question his beliefs as he is drawn and more into events involving ancient prophecies, ancient gods and demon gods.
This is the prequel to the Ikusa Megami Series and covers the events that led Celica to be known as a God Slayer.

RELEASE DATE: Japan 2008-06-13, English Patch v1.2 2016-08-02 (Machine Edited)
Size: 2.53gb
GENRE: 2DCG, 2D Game, Voiced, Mind Control, Monster, Fantasy, Combat, Tentacle, RPG, Loli,…



1. You Need To Change Locale To Japanese.
2. No Need To Install. Run AGE.exe and play.
3. Use patch file to run the game, it’ll fix the issue in which the game crashes after a few minutes. Don’t run the game from the game.exe. Run it from Age patch.

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