Game Details

  • Name: Love & Sex: Second Base
  • Developer: Andrealphus 
  • Translator: No
  • Version: v22.7.0
  • OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
  • Date: 2021-11-05
  • Size: No Mod ~1,43gb, Mod~500mb
  • Language: English
  • Genre: 2DCG, Female protagonist, Male protagonist, Multiple protagonist, Simulator, Dating sim, Adventure, Anal sex, Big ass, Big tits, Cheating, Creampie, MILF, Oral sex, Romance, Sex toys, Teasing, Vaginal sex, Mobile game, Pregnancy, NTR (Avoidable)

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Love & Sex: Second Base is a dating sim where a geeky guy (hopefully you) gets to be a roommate with two very hot girls and meet others in is daily life. The main purpose of the game his to get lucky and maybe marry the girl of your wet dreams, to do so you must make choices and raise your stats.

Love & Sex: Second Base là một game lãng mạn, câu truyện kể về anh chàng lập dị nọ đã trở thành bạn cùng phòng với hai cô gái rất nóng bỏng. Trong cuộc sống hàng ngày, anh sẽ gặp rất nhiều cô gái khác, mỗi người có một vẻ đẹp, tính cách riêng.

Bạn cần giúp nhân vật chính có được càng nhiều cô gái càng tốt vì đây là mục đích của trò chơi lãng mạn này. Để làm được, bạn cần có những lựa chọn chính xác, đi kèm là nâng cao các số liệu mà bạn có.


Tại phiên bản v22.7.0 mình test trên 2 giả lập Android 5 và Android 11 đều hoạt động tốt. Dù vậy vẫn chưa chắc chắn nó có thể hoạt động trên nhiều thiết bị hay không.


– 253 voiced lines for alexis
– 313 new voiced lines for samantha
– Add guys smartphone
– Add new pose for bree [1 sprite]
– Alexis ending [1ev, 2cg]
– Alexis ntr glory hole [1ev, 1cg]
– Battle of the bands ending events [2 ev]
– Bree cunnilingus with sasha
– Breemc master story
– Breemc sasha cunnilingus
– Breemc sasha oral scenes [2 ev]
– Kleio alternate cowgirl [1 ev]
– Kleio cgs update
– Lavish blowjob at the office [1ev]
– Lavish cowgirl [1cg]
– Minami fuck date blowjob
– Pet shelter bg, cat and dog sprite [1bg, 3ev]
– Ryan flirt and fight [2cg]
– Sasha second footjob [1 ev]
– Sasha titfuck alternate event [1 ev]
– Sasha unpacking scene for breemc [1cg]
– Threesome between minami & sasha [2cg, 1ev]
– Add a wait step in minami tracker
– Add checks on do_activity
– Add minami slutty dress in restaurant
– Add missing button for victor
– Adjust max lp for some gifts
– Aletta pregnant office fuck
– Allow rollback during events
– Anna underwear date
– Ayesha (reverse) cowgirl
– Call in new context stacktrace
– Call_in_new_context/valid_events
– Cassidy’s story tracker will update correctly if you miss cherie’s party
– Condoms as consumable + enable/disable skills in cheat menu + small fixes
– Crash during lesbian stat update for guys
– Disable random bree position c
– Enable college harem
– Girls referring to their kids
– Harmony naked dance
– Increase time window to meet minami on saturday afternoon
– Infinity loop
– Issue while calling flags hooks
– Issue with the battle of the band for the demo
– Kylie fuck_kylie_jail not triggering
– Lexi dance sexy date pregnant
– Minami cowgirl nipples piercing
– Morgan story tracker not displaying next task
– Send texts conditions
– Small fixes in talk subjects
– Stacktrace condom for audrey
– Stacktrace pop in room.rpy
– Switch camila talk events to activties
– Temp fix on
– University and office closed on christmas day
– Week 202228.

– Crash at the end of dates
– Crash using box of condoms
– Crash while opening the agenda
– Fashion harem event repeats forever
– Lexi issue in demo
– Show overlay ui while shopping

Here is the 22.4 Monthly Update. Our new features :

  • 12 new CGs including sex scenes
  • 8 new events
  • Fashion Harem
  • 14 new chibis for Bree MC
  • Photobooth with guys
  • 3 new reactions

– Bug with date_do_old_girl_clothes

– Band Harem Foursome 2 [1 CG]
– Band Harem Foursome [1 CG]
– Dog & bird attacks [2 CG, 2 Events]
– Emma Doggy [1 CG]
– Jail bg on Camila Doggy
– Kylie Blowjob [1 CG, 1 Event]
– Kylie Doggy Style [1 CG]
– Kylie Prison Blowjob
– Lavish Cunnilingus [1 CG]
– Lexi Doggy [1 CG]
– New location jail
– New skill “Bookworm”
– Peeping bath Minami + Bree [1CG]
– Photo-booth
– Piercings inserts for tatoo parlor
– Prison Visit
– Prison Visit with Camila
– Schedules adjustments Anna Minami
– Text update (Band Harem Foursome)
– Text update (Home Harem Threesome Bree/Sasha)
– add missing drink layers
– allow story tracker steps to switch between active and inactive state
– rework slap ass
– Adjust morgan slap layers
– Adjusted emma’s sex scene logic for easier play
– Assorted bugs for Anna
– Christmas party work outfit
– Default issue on slap
– Disable self voicing on top bar attributes
– Emma cunni nipples piercings
– Inverted cassidy swimsuits
– Kylie collar
– Morgan tattoo parlor
– Multiple impregnate each day
– Peeping samantha piercings issue
– Samantha showing condom
– Stacktrace on already defined dates
– conditions check
– add siscondelay during Minami movein
– aletta swimsuits
– available jail activities
– avoid triggering samantha_event_B02 during activity
– birthday date not triggering after afternoon date
– bree calling Mike master if not slave
– condom logic checks.
– crash on already defined dates
– disable lavish_fuck_office until having assets
– emma behind emma during kiss
– emma doggy piercings
– emma_size_limit_calc traceback
– fertility book name too long for ui
– harmony_event10 + add optional label and missed_label to DateAppointment
– hero.has_gifts
– layer issue in sleeping bree sam
– layer issue morgan kiss
– lexi in demo
– minami conditions checks
– missing extension on vo file
– morgan fuck layer issues
– morgan hottub
– multiple entries for girls info
– practice date with minami
– repeatable bree sasha minami foursome
– sasha breast complex consistency
– sasha hair comments consistency
– second floor hallway access
– separate known birthday from mikemc and breemc
– showdown issue due to sexperience.last not reset
– typos on books
– ui in cheat menu
– wrong return in get_next_day_of_week
– 22.2.0c
– move layeredimage fun couch to home harem

1 new pose, 7 new events, 7 new CG, 1 new outfit, 6 features

– Amy teaser [1 event]
– Angela sprite update + BreeMC events [2 events]
– Aletta Titjob [1 CG, 2 Event]
– Date Arcade Girl [1 CG]
– Harmony Cunnilingus [1 CG]
– Harmony Doggy [1 CG]
– Harmony events 9/10 + avoid blocking events [2 events]
– Karting during dates [1 activity]
– Kleio new pose [1 new pose]
– Kylie Jail Outfit [1 outfit]
– Kylie stalking phone answer
– Pregnancy ending and child support [1 feature]
– Updated Threesome with Bree and Sasha [1 CG]
– Updated tattoo parlor
– Visual update for Bree Sasha Threesome [1 CG]
– Walk the bitches [1CG]
– Better showdown check! [1 feature]
– New options screen [1 feature]
– 15+ repeatable sex scenes [1 feature]
– Sexual stamina [1 feature]
– Girls fertility cycle [1 feature]

– Added automatic fixing of Minami if sex exploit was taken by players
– Adjusted Stat operators and fixed calculation errors
– Aletta Sprite
– Alexis NTR flags
– Android choices alignment
– Assorted BreeMC bugs
– Audrey Sprite
– Ayesha Sprite
– Bree/Sasha pet walk Piercings
– Bree/Sasha threesome Piercings
– Cassidy ask fuck after date
– Characters shouldn’t show up in multiple locations anymore
– Completing the game on an old save with a new skill introduced won’t cause a crash
– Emma blocking event
– Entering rooms with fees attached won’t cause an error report
– Girls blush
– Girls in multiple locations
– Kylie will no longer get pissed when you interact with Kylie
– Kylie’s fourth event requires her to be visible in game to be triggered
– Lavish BJ during Christmas Office Party
– Lavish Sprite
– Mall dates won’t crash anymore
– Mike RPG Armor
– Mike date outfit during slap activity
– Minami’s evening sex activity will now trigger under the correct conditions
– Minami’s sex activity bug fix won’t cause an error on execution
– Minami-triggered foursome should now be selectable during fuck activity
– Missing chores calculates housemates properly
– Prevents a number of mall events from being triggered in the middle of Emma’s Scav
– Randint usage
– Reset interact activity after triggered event.
– Reverted multiple character copies fix as it introduced new bug
– Sasha Leash
– Sasha Sprite
– Sasha doggy rope
– Set finder help functions to default to game randomness value
– Sex Count
– Sexperience again
– Shawn nametag
– Shiori’s blush & clean up hints
– Tattoo parlor POV
– Updated the searching for four-leafed clovers activity to be spring…
– Weekly missed bills will correctly select housemates adaptively
– aletta stupid typo
– avoid always set room
– close amy
– exiting escape menu
– grayed areas (thanks Paradoxal D)
– jealous harem blocking event
– load/save freeze to crash
– negative stats
– rename bottom menu button to save
– showdown calls
– stamina formula


  • Christmas Office Party Event
  • 8 new CGs including sex scenes
  • New expressions on 4 girls
  • Customized girls reactions (for 8 different situations)
  • Customized guys reactions for Bree MC
  • Increasing traits impacts on dates
  • Palla added in the tattoo shop

– 367 voiced lines (Aletta, Bruce & Jack)
– 38 BreeMC Chibis
– 11 CGs (10 are naughty)
– 9 new sex scenes (Emma, Anna, Cassidy, Lavish, Minami, Morgan)
– Rework to try and fix the lag issue
– Condom reactions (Sasha, Shiori, Samantha)
– Command to tie/untie Aletta’s hair
– Piercings activity CG

– 11 new outfits
– 10 new CG (Minami, Bree, Alexis)
– 15 new sex scenes
– 17 new story events
– 1 new skill
– Improved peeping with getting caught chance
– Seasonal music

– Add alexis sexydate kiss
– Add lexi sexydress sprite + kiss
– Adjust Hanna schedule at work
– Cassidy close view
– Command girls to wear/unwear sexy outfits
– Kylie close view
– Kylie sexydress sprite + kiss
– Update Alexis Missionary
– Update Alexis Reverse Bedroom to Alexis Cowgirl
– Adjust android presplash
– Adjusted Harmony’s sixth event dialogue to be clearer
– Adjusted activity buttons up to prevent clash with needs
– Anna tattoo
– Ayesha’s cinema date story tracker
– Bree returns to her room after a successful coffee post date with Mike
– BreeMC Aletta story tracker
– BreeMC roommate watch tv tracker
– BreeMC story tracker for Scottie and Sasha
– Cancelling watching TV won’t pass time
– Car owning logic in Lexi’s first event
– Cassidy’s status will update properly when becoming your girlfriend
– Fix Kylie showing every night
– Force condom use algo
– MC wants Zbox only if not already bought
– Minami will be allowed to be proposed to after the completion of Angela’s arc
– Office showdowns
– Players can now sunbath while girls are present
– Sasha piercings with ropes
– Sasha uses correct time description in her second breast complex event
– Shifted BreeMC Sasha events to dedicated file
– Spank rebalance

Cheat code

Cheat code news
Hi guys 

As we crossed the 15k goal the cheat menu will be made available to everyone, it will be a button in the game’s phone (which will make it easier for Android users):


It will only be available on easy mode and will disable steam achievements.
Of course if the patreon takes too much of a dip it will be made exclusive again as I do need the funding to be able to make the game 

Have fun

3. mod note:

Bản mod có gì nhỉ?

  • Thêm bản cheat “Advanced Time Controls Mod” vào game.
  • Thêm cheat money, mỗi lần nhận 100k và cách thực hiện như sau:
    1. Timeskip
    2. Extras
    3. Money

4. installation note:

Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.

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 by ngọt in 10/08/2020

cheat của game này bật kiểu gì vậy bacd ?

 by Tuyen in 07/09/2020

Link game PC die rồi ad ơi !!!

 by Phượng in 30/01/2021

Update ad ơi. Có bản full 21.1.1f trên patreon rồi. 20 đô cơ. Ad rich thì mua nhé :((

 by Cheng Lian in 05/02/2021

Ad thân ái! Mong quý ad có thể update bản v21.2.1i cho android. Rất cảm ơn ad vì đã giúp mọi người tải game này. Yêu ad nhiều xD

 by Lucci in 05/02/2021

Cảm ơn bạn, chủ nhật tớ sẽ làm vì bạn!

 by Jerom in 10/02/2021

cho mik hỏi là ? Làm cách nào để cheat, Sau khi cập nhật là ko cheat đc nữa. làm ơn giúp v.

 by Jerom in 10/02/2021

cho mik xin cách mở cheat ở bản v21.1.1i với ad ơi.. Yêu ad nhiều lắm.

 by TT in 03/05/2021

Mình dùng cheat như nào vậy ad Chỉ mình với!!! Cảm ơn ad!!!!

 by Ninde in 01/06/2021

Bác bấm vào phần cheat, enable hết mấy cái trong đó, có gì bấm hết là oke

 by No one in 06/05/2021

Chừng nào mới có android 21.4.0 :))

 by Attila Fintor in 10/05/2021

Administrator love and sex second base 21.4.0g mod is not working because when I installed the game on android, I was wrong to load the game only loaded your website logo when I installed the game and did not load the game at all.

 by Lucci in 10/05/2021

Hi bro! Currently the game does not support Android 11

 by Attila Fintor in 10/05/2021


 by Attila Fintor in 10/05/2021

Administrator of the love and sex second base version 21.4.0g can be installed in a non-mod version, so it can be installed on any android phone, because now there is only an older version of version 21.1.1i.

 by Attila Fintor in 10/05/2021

Administrator will try to install the love and sex second base version 21.4.0g to load the game and play with the non-mod version if it does not work on all android phones in the mod version.

 by mỹ in 12/05/2021

sao bản 2111i android bị dừng ở màn cảnh báo 18+ vậy k bấm đc nữa

 by HenFan in 29/05/2021

làm bản 21.5.0 bên f95 đi ad hóng @@

 by Ed3rJx in 31/05/2021

the mod doesn't load, I've been on the initial screen with the Luccisan logo for five minutes :( I have Android 10

 by Dai Thanos in 09/06/2021

Sao bị đứng ở màn hình chờ vậy ad ơi

 by tùng in 13/06/2021

Giống tui nè k vô đc

 by Jonhny D in 13/06/2021

Tui vào game ấn start là nó hiện cái bảng code error ak

 by tùng in 13/06/2021

Sao mik k vô đc game ad ơi đợi hơn 5p mà vẫn k vô game đc cả hai bản pc và ad r

 by an toàn in 30/06/2021

mình không thể vô game được ad ơi vô là nó toàn hiện lỗi

 by Koro in 16/07/2021

Ad làm việt hóa game này đc ko ad ?

 by Mê Hen in 29/07/2021

ông thấy bên gvnvh18 nó tuyển ng dịch game này k mà kêu ad dịch free?

 by Hasuki in 07/11/2021

Ad cho tớ hỏi tí vs sao mod lại nhẹ hơn ko mod những 700mb vậy ? Có thiếu chức năng hơm ad

 by Lucci in 09/11/2021

Mình chỉ nén ảnh thôi bạn. Không thay đổi gì nhé nên không có vấn đề gì đâu.

 by Ivan in 08/11/2021

Thanks for bring this game!!!

 by Ed3rJx in 10/11/2021

Update pls

 by Lucci in 11/11/2021


 by Shirogane in 13/11/2021

Có walkthrough bản mới nhất không ad cho mình xin vs

 by Ed3rJx in 01/12/2021

Update pls <3

 by lê thắng in 24/12/2021

ad update 20.11 đi ad

 by asdfg in 27/12/2021

khi nao co viet hoa

 by Lê siêu ẩn danh in 01/01/2022

Ad Việt hóa game này đi

 by Susu in 02/01/2022

Có việt hoá ko vậy ad ơi

 by Lucci in 02/01/2022

Ko nha bạn!

 by Kiet nguyen in 20/01/2022

Admin ơi sao game cứ dừng ở logo luccisan thế ạ

 by Lucci in 20/01/2022

game này vào lâu nhé bạn. Chơi trên pc bạn sẽ thấy nó load rất lâu luôn.

 by Lambexota69 in 04/02/2022

Update please

 by Lumos in 08/02/2022

Sao mk vào game sau khi logo luccisan xong văng game vậy ạ , ad giúp với Android 11

 by Ed3rJx in 20/02/2022

Update Pretty pretty please

 by Lambexota69 in 22/02/2022

Update pls

 by Lucci in 22/02/2022

updated the game

 by việt in 22/02/2022

ad có thể việt hóa game này được không vậy ad nếu được xin châ thành cám ơn ad nha

 by None in 30/03/2022

Cập nhật bản mới đi ad ơi

 by Khánh in 13/04/2022

Ad ơi cho hỏi mình chơi trên android vào game rồi làm cách nào để ra menu để load lại vậy ạ

 by Lucci in 13/04/2022

Chạm 2 ngón tay trên màn hình hoặc bạn sử dụng icon mobile trong game là sẽ thấy.

 by By me ngu in 30/04/2022

Android 10 có chơi đc game này ko ad

 by Lucci in 30/04/2022

Tớ không còn thiết bị nào ở android 10 nữa nên không test được bạn à.

 by Ntb96 in 21/05/2022

Ad đẹp zai việt hóa update của con game này được không ạ. Ngóng từ năm ngoái tới năm nay chưa thấy có :( chân thành cảm ơn

 by LeeJunJwo in 03/06/2022

game khó chơi thặc

 by None in 03/07/2022

Rà bản mới đi ad ơi

 by Lucci in 03/07/2022

Phiên bản mới đang lỗi ngay lúc vào game. Tớ đang đợi game ra bản fix mới dám làm.

 by Noname in 27/07/2022

Sao ad ko cập nhật luôn pb mới có mod :( ae nào gặp lỗi thì chịu khó chơi bản ko mod còn ae nào ko gặp thì còn có cái để chơi

 by Lucci in 27/07/2022

Tớ update bản mới kèm mod rồi đó bạn.

 by Hihi77 in 30/07/2022

Ad ơi sao vô game chơi dc một lúc là bị văng vậy ad

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