Game Details

  • Name: Primal Ecstasy
  • Developer: Imfamus
  • Translator: No
  • Version: Ch.2
  • OS: Windows, Android, Linux
  • Date: 2022-05-16
  • Size: Win~2.4gb; Apk~230mb
  • Language: English
  • Genre: 3dcg, animated, male protagonist, masturbation, big ass, big tits, milf, groping, voyeurism, teasing, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Groping, Cheating, Handjob

1. OverView:

You are an engaged college graduate from a wealthy family.
You have a great job and a perfect life.
But one day, while you are away on a business trip, your parents and fiancé all die tragically in a plane crash.
You are devastated and overwrought with grief. Your life falls apart.
You decide that the only way you are going to heal is to move to a new city and start over.
You buy a new house and open your own business.
Will your business flourish?
Who will you meet in this new city?
Will you ever find love again?
Will you find out what really happened to your parents?
Play Primal Ecstasy to find out.​



Thay đổi


Chapter 2
Many users found Chapter 1 to be long, tame, and uneventful, to say the least. I’ve taken all the critiques to heart and made sure I did everything I could to make Chapter 2 better in every single regard. Chapter 2 has over 40 HD animations and includes lots of sexual sequences with several of the characters. I’ve done my very best to improve the look, writing, pacing, and overall content of this VN.

Developer Notes

Game Download Notes:
The file available to download here is Chapter 1 in it’s entirety.
This Chapter includes 6 days of game-content for approximately 1 hour of real-time play.
The file size is large because the rendered images are all 1920 x 1080 with animations.
Chapter 1 is just the beginning.
This saga will last much longer and the action will get more intense.
This Chapter will introduce you to the characters and preliminary story line. Please enjoy.

Hello to all. I greatly appreciate you taking an interest in my work.

I’ve been drawing and writing since I was a kid and I’ve just recently started to learn about programming. I’ve combined the three to create my first on-line gaming experience: an Adult Visual Novel called Primal Ecstasy.

I chose to make an Adult Visual Novel because I feel that there are lots of people who are interested in these types of games. I’ve played several of them, and I felt like I could create a high quality experience that others would enjoy. I know what I like and what I don’t like about these types of games and I’ve also read plenty of comments to determine what users like and don’t like. This visual novel is basically a compilation of everything I enjoy about these types of games and hopefully a majority of what you enjoy as well.

I openly welcome your feedback. I want this visual novel and those that follow to be the best they can be and something that most of you will enjoy playing. I’m curious to read your thoughts and opinions. I’d also love to find like-minded collaborators to work with.

Please keep in mind I have only been programming with RenPy for a few months. I’ve pieced together the current program by watching Youtube videos. The more I learn, the more advanced and sophisticated the experience will be. Chapter 1 is just the tip of the iceberg. The best is still to come.

My goal is to include my supporters as much as possible into the creative process. I’ll utilize your feedback for basic game improvements, recommendations on certain plot points, and creative suggestions like new character names, personality traits, etc. My supporters will be referenced in the game based on which tier they select.

I plan on issuing new chapters as often as I can. I do have a full time job and a family, so I am only doing this part-time at the moment. My goal, however, is to do this full time one day if I am able to financially. I’d love to be able to make a living as a story teller. I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of making this story for you. I sincerely hope you enjoy the experience as much as I’ve enjoyed making it.

I have a broad imagination and lots of stories to tell. This is just the beginning. I hope you’ll take an interest in my work and support me. I’ll do everything I can to make high quality content that will live up to your expectations.

Thank you for reading.

– Imfamus

4. installation note:

Read the FAQ on the Blog Menu for settings. Usually players only need to install the following steps:

  1. Extract/Install.
  2. Crack if needed.
  3. Play game.
  4. Have fun ^^.
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